We love awesome quality live video production and you are going to love the results live stream video gives you, your business or your audience.


(Source: Livestream)
How can live stream video work for you?
Reach event attendees, clients or potential clients in their own home and on their own devices. Using high quality video and audio along with the option for added graphics, pre-recorded videos and presentations.

67% of audiences who watched a live stream purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it occurred.

(Source: Livestream)
Everyone can do a simple live video and we think that is awesome. What everyone can’t do is live stream video with a multiple professional camera set up, crystal clear audio and the ability to add graphic, slides and pre-recorded videos.

We can live stream from your premises, as long as you have a good broadband hook up or strong 4G reception. We supply all the equipment, camera operators and help you with your vision for the live.


From live production demonstrations to sell out virtual events. Businesses are really having to think outside the box now more than ever and doing things virtually has become a safe and accepted way for businesses to run. Live video can help you reach a wider audience to help sell your product or services as potential customers can watch and participate from the comfort of their own homes. Live streams linked with social media have the ability to be very easily shared, making it easy for potential customers to stumble across your live stream and engage in it.

    Many houses of worship have been live streaming their services and gatherings for a long time but now more than ever more and more are turning to live video to allow their congregations to worship together.

    Live stream video can be so much more than a single camera angle and lots of room noise. We believe houses of worship deserve a brilliant streaming experiences to allow their congregations to worship without distractions. From multiple camera angles to presentations included in your live stream there is so much we can do to make your online congregation feel like they are there worshipping with you.


    With many education establishments unable to have visitors or parents/carers on their school sites regularly at the moment, our live streaming services can help you host a variety of virtual events to help you engage with your existing school community or those who may be joining you in the future. From virtual open days to live streamed awards evenings we can help you continue your usual school calendar even whilst keep your site safe and secure.

    We know the events industry has been hit hard recently but we are here to help you host your event online. Allow your event attendees to have a fantastic virtual event experience with professional video and crystal clear audio as well as a variety of presentation, graphics or pre-recorded video content.
    There is so much you can do with live stream video and possibilities really are endless. If you’d like to talk to us about your idea and how we can help you bring it to screens around the UK or even the world then please contact us.

More than 1 in 5 Facebook videos are Live and are watched 3X longer than pre-recorded videos.

(Source: Go-Globe)


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